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To view Torrent TV via web player you need:
OS Windows and the availability of the browser Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome;
Install the plugin Ace Stream Media (TorrentStream);
Restart the browser.

The latest version of Ace Stream Media You can always download on the official website of the developer
Download the latest version: Ace Stream Media 3.1

After installing the plug-in you need to restart the browser!
For comfortable viewing of TV torrent, you need to have a speed Internet connection is not lower than 2.5 Mbit/s
Live-view broadcast will start after clicking on the "play" button, and after 100% buffer.

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Watch stream live TV online

Watch TV on the Internet has become easier now necessary to have a TV to watch TV, go to connect the TV cable companies, buying expensive consoles and so on ... To view the tv online just go to and torrent TV will provide you with good quality viewing. Torrent TV - an online TV for all who want to watch TV online in good quality . In the large number of channels provided as a Russian TV and foreign channels. Thanks to Torrent TV you watch cable and satellite TV for free.

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